Assemblyman Houghtaling Discusses his Effort to Declare November Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month


In a video press release, Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling (D-Monmouth) discusses his recently enacted legislation to increase public awareness of pancreatic cancer.

The new law (formerly AJR-103) designates November of each year as "Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month" in New Jersey, with the intent to increase awareness of this life-threatening disease.

The new law raises public awareness and encourages increased funding for pancreatic cancer research, which lags behind funding for other leading cancer research.

Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest form of cancer and is the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Seventy-one percent of pancreatic cancer patients will die within the first year of their diagnosis, and 93 percent will die within the first five years.

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