Democratic leaders, in 'Turnaround Tour,' foment resistance to Trump


ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- The windows in the ancient armory’s lobby fogged up as a cold soaking afternoon rain continued outside. Inside VFW Post 1333, more than 400 Democrats packed the room Friday, filled with righteous anger at President Trump’s vision of America and eager to be about the business of rebuilding.

They came to see newly elected Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez and his deputy and former rival for the job, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, on their two-man “Turnaround Tour," aimed at unifying a party now groping for a way back to power.

Houghtaling, the assemblyman, said that with Trump in office, Democrats are finding local meetings of party committees jammed with new faces.

“People are showing up, wanting to get involved,” he said. “Many haven’t been part of the process before, and they’re kind of mad at themselves over what happened. They want to get involved. ... It’s great that everybody wants to march, but we’ve got to get them voting.”



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