DNC Trumpets Unity in Asbury Park


DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison’s visit to Asbury Park was made possible by the Monmouth County Democratic Organization. Their words were that of unity, resistance, and rallying for the common good in support of the everyday man and woman.

Local Assembly incumbents Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey who are seeking a second term, were first public official to address the crowd.

“What we are seeing here is really incredible,” Houghtaling said. “Our state Democratic Chairman coming here really puts the eyes on what is going on in Monmouth County. A lot of great things have happened since Joann and I won in 2015. There is hope out there…we have made some great strides in Monmouth County.”

Downey said the area is very fortunate to ‘be the center of attention right now.’ She said they will continue the hard work of knocking on doors and listening to their 11th District constituents.


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