Downey Bill Allowing Students to Use Military Academic Experience for College Credit Passes Assembly

Making the path to higher education easier for former military members in New Jersey, a bill sponsored by Assembly Democrat Joann Downey would help veterans earn college credit for the skills and information acquired through their service. The legislation unanimously passed both the full Assembly and Senate on Monday.

The bill (A-791) would require independent and public institutions of higher education to adopt policies that award academic credit to honorably discharged veterans for the lessons they learned through their military service.

The bill stipulates that educational institutions must consider the recommendation of the American Council on Education before determining what credits should be awarded for relevant military training and experience that align with appropriate courses in the veteran’s chosen degree program.

Credits awarded to admitted veterans for their applicable military experience could be used for either undergraduate or graduate programs.

“The coursework completed during a soldier’s initial entry training is generally accepted at public and private educational institutions,” said Downey (D-Monmouth). “This bill standardizes the acceptance of that training to help student veterans more confidently plan towards a college degree.”

The legislation will now go to the Governor.

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