Downey & Houghtaling Bill to Require Gun 'Microstamping' Clears Assembly Committee


Legislation Assembly Democrats Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling sponsored to require the use of modern ballistic identification technology that would make it easier for law enforcement to analyze gun crime evidence was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

The bill (A-3934) would require "microstamping" of all newly-manufactured handguns for sale by licensed retail firearms dealers. Microstamping is a laser technology that can engrave or etch on the inside of a handgun microscopic identifying characters or letters, which are then imprinted on each cartridge case when the gun is fired. Because the characters on the cases match the unique characters on the weapon, the technology can help law enforcement officers use cases left behind at the scene of a crime to identify the make, model and serial number of the firearm used.

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