Governor Signs Houghtaling Bill Shutting Down Businesses That Cheat Workers

OCEAN TOWNSHIP - This Tuesday, Governor Murphy signed legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling’s bill that would protect workers from employers who cheat them out of wages or benefits.

The bill, A-5838, would allow the state Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to issue a stop-work order against any employer who is found not to have paid legally required wages or benefits to one or more of their employees. The employer would be required to cease all operations until the Commissioner finds that the employer has agreed to provide the required wages and benefits due to that employee and formally removes the stop-work order.

“This bill protects workers from unscrupulous employers who attempt to cheat their employees out of wages for work they have done or benefits they have rightfully earned,” Houghtaling (D-Neptune) said. “Right now, too many employers operating in bad faith force employees to wait months to get paid, but by expediting this process, we can protect workers from unscrupulous employers, and make sure that employees are treated fairly.”

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