Responsible, common-sense gun control policy is in the best interests of all New Jerseyans. But to legislate responsibly, we need knowledge, research, and insight. Unfortunately, much of that is lacking when it comes to gun violence research in the past 20 years. Federal funding for firearm violence research through the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been virtually eliminated since 1996, leaving a major gap.

It is time to close that research gap. Our legislation would establish the "Firearm Violence Research Center" at Rutgers University, to focus on transformative research to tackle the nature of firearm violence, the consequences thereof, and the prevention of gun violence at individual, community, and societal levels. The Center would also study the effectiveness of existing laws and policies, and promote responsible ownership and use of firearms.

Outdated data simply won't do anymore. Sign this petition to show your support and tell Trenton: let's end the 20-year funding gap and provide real, relevant research that will lead to better policy and safer communities.

Thank you for your support,

Assemblywoman Joann Downey
Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling



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