Houghtaling and Downey Oppose Legislation to Increase Taxes

Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey voted against five pieces legislation that would raise taxes for New Jersey residents and significantly impact the lives of their constituents in Monmouth County.

On Thursday, June 21, the Assembly Members voted against the following bills:

  • A bill (A4202) which imposes a surtax on corporation business tax liability; decouples certain provisions from Internal Revenue Code; and imposes tax on certain dividends.
  • A bill (A3267) which establishes a fee on single-use carryout bags used in certain stores and dedicates fee revenue to "Healthy Schools and Community Lead Abatement Fund."
  • A bill (A4061) which imposes surcharge on prearranged rides, such as Uber.
  • A bill (1753) which imposes a State sales and use tax and hotel and motel occupancy fee on transient accommodations, such as Airbnb, and authorizes various municipal taxes and fees on transient accommodations.
  • A bill (A4132) which imposes a $0.10 per fluid milliliter tax related to sales of liquid nicotine, which is used in vaping.

“We stand against imposing any unnecessary taxes on our residents,” said Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling. “The hardworking people of Monmouth County are already faced with astronomical property tax rates. We should not further increase the burden that many New Jerseyans already struggle to carry. Rather, we must find creative solutions to make New Jersey affordable for everyone.”

“We have always held onto the belief that we will not support legislation that is not designed in the best interest of our residents,” said Assemblywoman Joann Downey. “We do not believe imposing new taxes on our residents serves to benefit them. Monmouth County residents already struggle enough. We will continue to fight tax increases to protect our constituents.”

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