Houghtaling and Downey Sponsor Bill to Restrict Firearm Access for Domestic Violence Offenders


Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey have signed on to legislation that would enhance protections for domestic violence victims by restricting access to firearms for domestic violence offenders or those subject to a domestic violence restraining order. This is the latest of several common sense gun control bills that the pair have sponsored.

“Committing a heinous act such as domestic violence should certainly disqualify someone from owning a gun,” said Downey (D-Monmouth), “These kind of common-sense protections can protect victims of domestic violence and help prevent further tragic circumstances.”

The bill (A-4126) would prohibit defendants convicted of a domestic violence crime or offense from possessing a firearm or obtaining a firearms purchaser identification card or permit to purchase a handgun. Individuals convicted of domestic violence offenses would be required to surrender any and all firearms, firearms purchaser identification cards, and permits to purchase a handgun to a law enforcement officer. The bill further strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence by providing minimum terms of incarceration for those who commit physically violent acts.

“No one who has proved themselves to by physically violent or abusive has any business wielding a firearm,” said Houghtaling (D-Monmouth), “This is simply the right thing to do.”

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