Houghtaling Bill to Promote Farm-to-Table Restaurants Passes Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling to publicly promote farm-to-table restaurants on the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism website was advanced through the Assembly during the chamber’s voting session on Monday.

“In the age of mass production and processed food, it is important to promote establishments that are providing New Jerseyans with the freshest, cleanest food,” said Assemblyman Houghtaling.

“This will also encourage our citizens to shop and eat locally grown and produced food, which is good for our economy.”

The bill (A-1039) would have the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism publish all pertinent information on farm-to-table restaurants, including the name and address of the establishments, divided by region. There would be three regions, namely, north, south, and central New Jersey.

A-1039 will also mandate the Division of Travel and Tourism to establish what precisely would qualify as ‘farm-to-table,’ and create a process by which these restaurants could register for posting on the division’s website.



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