Keeping a Campaign Promise; Assembly Members Hire Local


Monmouth County Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey have emphasized their commitment to hiring locally in their latest staff hiring of Dyese Davis from Neptune.

Newly-minted legislative aide Davis is a recent Rutgers University graduated heavily involved in the Neptune Township community. She is a current member of the Neptune Township Planning Board, served as a member of the Neptune Township Mayor's Youth Advisory Cabinet, and a former intern for the Juvenile Unit of the New Jersey State Parole Board. Davis was hied by Assembly Members Houghtaling & Downey after completing an internship with their office.

"When Joann and I were elected, we promised to do everything we could to ensure that our constituents have access to quality jobs and an even playing field. That starts right in our own office," said Assemblyman Houghtaling (D-Monmouth), "Dyese's energy and understanding of our constituents' daily lives will be a critical asset to our team and we are excited for her to get to work helping Monmouth County residents."

"Too many elected officials forget their promises once they've been elected. We want to make sure we walk the walk in supporting our residents. That's why we've prioritized hiring our own constituents, those who know our neighbors best. Our team includes employees from Asbury Park, Freehold, Neptune, and Red Bank - and we believe that's how legislative offices should be," said Assemblywoman Downey (D-Monmouth), "Dyese has already spent considerable time in her young career working for the benefit of Monmouth residents and we have great hopes for her in our office."

Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey are currently hiring college interns in both their Ocean Township and Freehold offices for the summer and fall terms. Completing internships has become a fundamental part of a career path in government and politics. Interns, as was Ms. Davis, are tasked with assisting the office in the development of legislation, responding to the concerns and requests of constituents, and implementing an outreach effort to make sure residents are aware of vital programs and services. After graduation, many legislative interns are equipped to enter field such as local, state, and federal government, law, law enforcement, politics, and more.

Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey's Constituent Services Office can also help Monmouth residents get access to god jobs around New Jersey. Those interested in internships or who need assistance in finding employment can call the Office of Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey at (732) 695-3371.

This article originally appeared in the Apr. 21 edition of The Coaster.


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