Downey, Houghtaling Legislation Strengthening Protections of Unsecured Baby Monitors Signed into Law


Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Joann Downey, Gabriela Mosquera, Joe Danielsen and Eric Houghtaling to establish protections for families who use baby monitors with an internet connection was signed into law on Thursday.

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Downey, Houghtaling Sponsor Bill Allowing Patients Discretion Regarding Prescriptions of Opiates, Other Controlled Substances


TRENTON -- As part of their ongoing effort to address the growing epidemic of opioid abuse in Monmouth County and statewide, Assemblywoman Joann Downey and Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling have introduced legislation that would permit patients to indicate to doctors that they should not be prescribed opiates and certain other controlled substances.

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Monmouth County Assembly Members Propose Bipartisan Commission to Simplify New Jersey Tax Code


TRENTON -- Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey have introduced legislation that would establish the New Jersey Tax Structure Study Commission, a bipartisan commission to study and recommend revenue-neutral policy options to modernize and re-shape New Jersey’s tax system.

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Houghtaling, Downey Bill to Bolster Disaster Preparedness in At-Risk Counties Now Law


Legislation sponsored by Monmouth County Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey to help protect at-risk counties during severe weather events is now law.

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Keeping a Campaign Promise; Assembly Members Hire Local


Monmouth County Assembly Members Houghtaling and Downey have emphasized their commitment to hiring locally in their latest staff hiring of Dyese Davis from Neptune.

Newly-minted legislative aide Davis is a recent Rutgers University graduated heavily involved in the Neptune Township community. She is a current member of the Neptune Township Planning Board, served as a member of the Neptune Township Mayor's Youth Advisory Cabinet, and a former intern for the Juvenile Unit of the New Jersey State Parole Board. Davis was hied by Assembly Members Houghtaling & Downey after completing an internship with their office.

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Houghtaling & Downey Stand Up for Fair School Funding, Joined by Concerned Parent at Assembly Budget Hearing


TRENTON -- Monmouth County Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey were joined at Monday’s Assembly Budget Hearing by over one hundred concerned parents, teachers, and administrators who are calling out for fair school funding in the state of New Jersey. Houghtaling and Downey, who have introduced legislation to bring every school district up to 100 percent funding within five years, have used current budget deliberations to renew their push for equitable school funding.

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