Houghtaling and Downey Bill to Reaffirm the Right of Individuals With Service Dogs to Ride on NJ Transit Becomes Law


Legislation sponsored by Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey to prohibit New Jersey Transit from denying individuals who require a guide or service dog access to any of its modes of transportation was signed into law on Thursday. NJ Transit previously had a policy that excluded guide dogs on sedans, including its Access Link fleet, which serves the disabled population. NJ Transit later changed its policy, and this law codifies those changes.

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Monmouth County Assembly Members Houghling and Downey Sponsor Bill to Ban Smoking at Public Parks and Beaches


Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey have sponsored legislation that would extend the “New Jersey Smoke Free Air Act” by prohibiting smoking at public parks and beaches. The bill, which aims to protect not only the health of beachgoers, but the environment of New Jersey’s parks and beaches, has been approved by both houses of the Legislature and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

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Monmouth County Assembly Members Introduce Legislation to Create and Promote Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights


Monmouth County Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey have introduced new legislation that would establish, and require local governments to promote, a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The bill aims to delineate specific rights that property owners and taxpayers have under State law, and keep residents informed regarding how assessment processes work, and how unfair assessments can be appealed.

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JULY NEWSLETTER: Houghtaling & Downey Introduce Public Safety, Gun Control Measures

From the State House: Legislative UpdatesJuly_Note2.png

A-3934: Responsible, Common-Sense Gun Control Legislation
Houghtaling and Downey have introduced an original bill to require that all newly manufactured handguns sold in New Jersey be micro-stamped, and directs the Superintendent of Police to establish a database of gun sales in New Jersey. This combination of micro-stamping and reporting of gun sales will empower law enforcement to trace the origins of bullets used in criminal acts, and help eliminate unsolved gun crimes.

AJR-103: Bringing Awareness to Pancreatic Cancer
A joint resolution introduced by Houghtaling and Downey would designate November of every year as "Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month" in New Jersey. Pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer. Increased awareness of the disease, its prevalence, and approaches to screening and prevention can help save lives.

More original legislation from Houghtaling & Downey:
  • A-3999: Enables collection of voluntary contributions for Jersey Fresh Program through gross income tax returns.
  • A-4007: Requires Director of Division of Taxation to promulgate the Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • ACR-191: Establishes the "New Jersey Tax Structure Study Commission"
  • AR-153: Urges Congress and President of US to remove barriers to providing employees continuation of health insurance coverage during strikes.
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Houghtaling and Downey Joint Resolution to Increase Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer Gains Assembly Approval


A joint resolution introduced by Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey to dedicate November of each year as “Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month” in New Jersey gained unanimous Assembly approval Monday night. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most high-risk types of cancer, with detection of the disease usually coming too late for an optimistic prognosis. Houghtaling and Downey have sponsored the joint resolution in hopes that increased awareness of the disease, its prevalence, and approaches to screening and prevention will help save lives.

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Burzichelli, Caputo & Houghtaling Bill to Allow Wagering at Far Hills Race Meeting Approved by Assembly


Legislation sponsored by Assemblymen John Burzichelli, Ralph Caputo and Eric Houghtaling to allow wagering at the annual Far Hills race meeting in Somerset County was approved earlier this week by the General Assembly.

The bill (A-1697) would allow a running race permit holder in good standing with the state to coordinate with the Far Hills Race Meeting Association to allow wagering on the races.

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