Houghtaling & Downey Stand Up for Fair School Funding, Joined by Concerned Parent at Assembly Budget Hearing


TRENTON -- Monmouth County Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey were joined at Monday’s Assembly Budget Hearing by over one hundred concerned parents, teachers, and administrators who are calling out for fair school funding in the state of New Jersey. Houghtaling and Downey, who have introduced legislation to bring every school district up to 100 percent funding within five years, have used current budget deliberations to renew their push for equitable school funding.

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Assemblywoman Downey Calls for NJ to Lead the Way in Preventing Salary Discrimination


Assemblywoman Joann Downey, author of legislation that would prevent employers in New Jersey from inquiring about potential employees’ salary histories, renewed calls for the Legislature to approve the measure, which aims to prevent race- and gender-based wage discrimination.

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DNC Trumpets Unity in Asbury Park


DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison’s visit to Asbury Park was made possible by the Monmouth County Democratic Organization. Their words were that of unity, resistance, and rallying for the common good in support of the everyday man and woman.

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Democratic leaders, in 'Turnaround Tour,' foment resistance to Trump


ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- The windows in the ancient armory’s lobby fogged up as a cold soaking afternoon rain continued outside. Inside VFW Post 1333, more than 400 Democrats packed the room Friday, filled with righteous anger at President Trump’s vision of America and eager to be about the business of rebuilding.

They came to see newly elected Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez and his deputy and former rival for the job, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, on their two-man “Turnaround Tour," aimed at unifying a party now groping for a way back to power.

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Houghtaling & Downey Announce Application Period for Sandy Foreclosure Protections


Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey announced this week the opening of an application period for Superstorm Sandy-impacted homeowners who are facing significant financial burdens or threat of foreclosure. A new mortgage forbearance program, run through the state Department of Community Affairs, aims to protect residents against foreclosure. The program was enacted as part of a new law sponsored by Houghtaling and Downey.

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Is it time to kill NJ small towns?


New Jersey has so many towns that 75 of them share the same names.

The most popular name? Washington. There had been seven Washingtons until the Washington in Mercer County was renamed Robbinsville in 2008.

Naming redundancy, however, isn't the problem.

In all, there are 565 municipalities in New Jersey.  That's too many, say Democrats in the state Legislature, who think reducing the number of towns through consolidations could do away with duplication of services and employment – changes that could save money for taxpayers.

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