Houghtaling and Downey Introduce Original Gun Control Legislation to Require Micro-Stamping of All Newly Manufactured Guns


Freshman Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey introduced a piece of original legislation this past Thursday that would require all handguns sold in New Jersey to be micro-stamped. Micro-stamping is a laser technology that can engrave small identifying characters or letters on small objects. In this case, the cartridge cases of a handgun would be imprinted on when fired, enabling them to be traced to their firearm of origin. Houghtaling and Downey campaigned heavily on common-sense gun control prior to their election in November. Although this is not their first firearm-related bill, it is their first piece of original legislation addressing gun control.

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From the State House: Legislative UpdatesAssemClr300.png

A-20: Preserving Public Safety for NJ Transit Riders
Assemblyman Houghtaling and Assemblywoman Downey have introduced a bill to the General Assembly that would prohibit individuals with DUI convictions that resulted in a loss or suspension of a driver's license from operating an NJ Transit train. Those who cannot be trusted to operate a vehicle can certainly not be trusted to operate a train, and with so many commuters depending on NJ Transit, it is imperative to act in the interest of public safety.

A-1413: Responsible, Bipartisan Gun Control Legislation
Houghtaling and Downey have both signed on as sponsors of a bill that would require notification and involvement of local law enforcement when an individual wishing to purchase a firearm seeks to expunge certain mental health records. This bill passed both houses of the Legislature last year, with overwhelming support, but was vetoed by Governor Christie. Police officers, deeply involved in their communities, can help determine whether an individual would be a danger to themselves or others if allowed to purchase a firearm.

More legislation sponsored by Houghtaling & Downey:

  • A-3581: Requires baby monitors with Internet connection to include security features and warnings.
  • A-1952: Allows installment payments for senior and disabled property taxpayers to repay overpayments of homestead credits and homestead property tax reimbursements.
  • A-2921: Increases flexibility, clarity, and available tools of optional municipal consolidation process.
  • A-3056: Requires Dept. of Agriculture to develop voluntary guidelines to encourage school districts and institutions of higher education to donate excess food; extends "Food Bank Good Samaritan Act" protection to school districts.
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Sweeney, Ruiz, Downey & Houghtaling Unveil Initiative To Fully Fund NJ Schools


Commission Will Develop Five-Year Reform Plan To Close Gap That Now Leaves 80 Percent of Districts Underfunded

Citing the state's continued underfunding of 80 percent of New Jersey's school districts, Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assemblywoman Joann Downey and Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling today unveiled legislation to create a special commission to develop a school funding reform plan to bring all districts to full funding within five years. Senator M. Teresa Ruiz, chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee, is a cosponsor of the bill.

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Democrats Announce Plan to Make School Funding Equitable


When the school funding formula was established in 2008, the idea was for the money to follow the child. But what’s developed instead is a system that’s allowed nearly half of the state’s 600 school districts to become chronically underfunded.

“We have some school districts that are receiving three times the amount of aid than they should be and some towns receiving one-third of the aid that they should be. This means some towns are paying 50 percent more in property taxes than they should be and some are paying 50 percent less,” said Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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NJ Considers Measure to Help Babies, Parents Rest Easy


After a study found that some baby monitors sending live audio and video feeds over the internet don't have adequate security protections, New Jersey lawmakers are considering a remedy.

Assemblywoman Joann Downey said hackers can access baby monitors that aren't on a secure network.

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Panel Ok'd Legislation Strengthening Raising Awareness of Unsecured Baby Monitors


 An Assembly panel on Monday released two measures sponsored by Assemblywoman Joann Downey, Gabriela Mosquera and L. Grace Spencer to establish protections for families who use baby monitors with an internet connection. Both measures will not return to the Assembly Speaker for further consideration.

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