NJ Considers Measure to Help Babies, Parents Rest Easy


After a study found that some baby monitors sending live audio and video feeds over the internet don't have adequate security protections, New Jersey lawmakers are considering a remedy.

Assemblywoman Joann Downey said hackers can access baby monitors that aren't on a secure network.

"People would literally scream to wake up babies over the internet, and [parents] didn't know what was happening," said Downey, D-Ocean. "Parents didn't know why their babies were waking up and crying. So it's just very scary situation knowing that was possible. I mean they really needed to have better security."

A hacked camera on a baby monitor can also provide access to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in a home.

"If they have things that are unsecure like their accounts numbers, their Social Security numbers, things like that, those kinds of things can be located and used and identify theft could become greater," Downey said.

Legislation advanced by an Assembly committee would require baby monitors sold in the state to have security encryption to prevent unauthorized users and contain a label warning consumers about potential risks.

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